Value feature ISPS checks

Secure port facility

Know who is visiting your facility and make sure that no unauthorised persons enter. Use your mobile to perform security checks and know your control percentage at all times.

Value feature - access permits

Self-service visits

Mobile self-service for visitors – digital approval. Digital mobile permit are recommended. Vastly improved gate flow and faster truck turnaround time.

Value feature - Gate flow management

Long-term permits

Long-term access permit for those working at or visiting the terminal frequently. Self-service requests, ISPS e-course and automatic invoicing saves time and resources for the port.

PORT Security and access controll

Turnkey solution

Grieg delivers a turnkey solution for access control and port security. OpenPath, a cloud-based access control from Neowit, is integrated with Security to handle visitors and freight security agreements in one modern package

Read more about Grieg and Neowit’s concept

GATE administration and KPI’S

Gate passing log

Security provides a complete log of gate passings from LPR cameras and access control systems.

Key data for turnaround on access groups such as trucks are available for decision making


Total control

Security integrates data from a set of access control systems while sending data to Port for invoicing and statistics sharing. Additionally, all compliance functionality works seamlessly with Terminal, as an add-on to cargo registration.

Modular functions in a lean package for your security management.

Business Intelligence by Grieg Connect

Business Intelligence

Security BI

We believe that less time should be spent on searching, developing and presenting data, and more time on evaluating the correct decisions for your gate and port security operations. Grieg Connect’s Explore offers decision-making data in a simple-to-use desktop and mobile interface for not only your management and board but also your gate personnel.

Product features

At short intervals without any downtime, we provide new features to ensure that Security, your cloud based system for ISPS and Port Security, remains state of the art.

ISPS checklists

Freight Transport agreeements

Cargo gate support



“At the Port of Karmsund we have successfully digitized and streamlined our administrative work, not only internally in our organisation but also for our clients and visitors to the port facility. 

Our Grieg Connect security solution gathers information in one place for everyone who needs it, and simplifies our tasks related to follow-up, controls and documentation.”

– Port of Karmsund

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