Our company

Empowering ports, enabling trade

We build digital systems for ports that enable global trade connecting continents, markets, and people.

With a dedicated team of thirty professionals in three countries, Grieg Connect is working to transform ports into digital powerhouses. This commitment underscores the Grieg Group’s support for seaborne transport—the global benchmark for eco-friendly trade.

Grieg Connect employees

Customer centricity

We prioritise understanding and meeting our customers’ needs, recognising that technology is a means to an end, not the goal itself. Placing the customer in the center, fosters long-term partnerships, ensuring reliability and creating value that benefits not just our partner ports but also our owners. It’s this dedication to serving our customers’ interests that defines success for us.

Long-term thinking

We are committed to a vision that extends far into the future. Our strategy, built on stability and sustainability, aims for a balanced approach ensuring sound business for us while expanding opportunities for our partner ports. This way we ensure predictability and a solid foundation for everyone. This principle guides us in making decisions that are not just beneficial today but will pay dividends in the years to come.

Competitiveness and environment

We believe these aspects are complementary, not mutually exclusive. By improving operational efficiency in ports, we not only boost our competitiveness for our clients and their clients but also contribute to low-carbon trade.

Key figures

30+ Employees
Over 5 Locations
Over €10M Invested in 64 months


We’re a mixed bunch of personalities but we’re all in it together as a cohesive team passionate about problem solving and collaborating closely with customers.

Grieg Foundation

Grieg Foundation is a celebration of our responsibility to create a more compassionate society.