Plan value feature - planning made easy

Operational planning

Proactive resource planning of personnel and machines for port calls and terminal activities provide insight and understanding for your team

Plan value feature - Improved resource utilization

Resource utilisation

An optimised plan reduces lead
times, improves resource utilization
and reduces costs for your port, container- or industry terminal operations

Plan value feature - intuitive resource planning

Workorder in mobile app

Full transparency from planning to delegation and execution in an easy to use mobile app including hours, lists, worked machines, activities, cost items and invoiceable activities etc

Resource planning

Easy project creation

Create a project structure for your workorder such as a port call. Plan provides ready-made templates to populate. Drag and drop machines and personnel to defined activities, then you are set to go using digital resource planning.

Production and maiNtanance

One view for everyone

Plan gives you a stellar view of available resources. Resources not available can be personnel on vacation, sick-leave or otherwise occupied. Similarly machines can be at the workshop, out of order or occupied on a different work order.

Tasks and competencies

Compliant planning

Plan matches tasks and resources based on the competency needed such as a driving licensee for a truck or a variety of courses. This ensures your planning is compliant while giving you the overview needed to get the job done.

KPI and Analysis

Robust data

Using digital planning you’re set to secure comprehensive data such as production speed, bottlenecks or other decision-making information.

In Grieg Connect we believe that efficiency improvements are born from good data.

Business Intelligence by Grieg Connect

Business Intelligence

Plan BI

We believe that less time should be spent on searching, developing and presenting data,
and more time on locating bottlenecks and optimising your resource utilisation. Grieg Connect’s Explore offers decision-making data in a simple-to-use desktop and mobile interface for not only your management and board but also operative personnel.

“With a varied, complex business in cruise, ferry traffic, containers, offshore and bulk / general cargo, the port of Kristiansand needs a skilled solution provider to keep daily operations running. Grieg Connect is that reliable company delivering good, future-oriented solutions for us.

Their Port management system integrated with Maritime Single Window & AIS gives 100% overview of all calls. In addition, Grieg Connect has developed Apps and Connectors to gain control of deliveries of goods / services and goods unloading / loading. The statistics module, Insight, is also a very good management tool for strategy work, budget work and price structure. “

– Port of Kristiansand

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