Multidimensional KPIs

Multidimensional KPIs

Highlight the state of your operations, areas running well and areas in need of focus visually with modelled datasets containing two or more dimensions provided by Grieg Connect. Third-party data sources provide additional insight.

Role-based dashboards

Role-based dashboards

There is often a discrepancy in the relationship between KPIs and strategic data in a management team and in operational departments. The BI module bridges this gap by presenting KPIs in role-based dashboards to your employees.

Easy-to-use data collection

Easy-to-use data collection

Great decision-making data necessitate easy-to-use data collection methods. If data are difficult to collect, then the input will be lacking. Grieg Connect has a suite of mobile applications for ports and terminals to make this as easy as possible.


Port business intelligence

Strategic, multidimensional data to make your port authority more efficient and profitable while highlighting KPIs relevant to you, your team, and your management and board.


Plan business intelligence

Strategic, multidimensional data to locate bottlenecks and drive resources utilisation for your team working on projects, work orders, or tasks regardless of the nature of the project.


Terminal business intelligence

Strategic, multidimensional data to make your container operations more efficient and profitable while highlighting relevant KPIs such as turnaround, efficiency and profitability.


Security business intelligence

Multidimensional data to give the overall picture of your port security and gate flows while highlighting vital KPIs for permits, passages and cost.

“With a varied, complex business in cruise, ferry traffic, containers, offshore and bulk / general cargo, the port of Kristiansand needs a skilled solution provider to keep daily operations running. Grieg Connect is that reliable company delivering good, future-oriented solutions for us.

Their Port management system integrated with Maritime Single Window & AIS gives 100% overview of all calls. In addition, Grieg Connect has developed Apps and Connectors to gain control of deliveries of goods / services and goods unloading / loading. The statistics module, Insight, is also a very good management tool for strategy work, budget work and price structure. “

– Port of Kristiansand

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