News / 19.2.2021

SECURITY: Gate flow management

A smooth workflow for your gate management is a win-win situation for all parties: truck drivers, haulier firms, freight forwarders, as well as the terminal operator loading and unloading the cargo. As you pre-registered truck drivers has added ID and cargo documentation, your terminal is ISPS compliant with queues and hefty turnaround only as a distant memory.

We have divided our modular toolbox into four different area: PORT (port management system). TERMINAL (terminal operating system), PREDICT (port call data services) as well as SECURITY for your gate and ISPS management. In this post, the latter is in focus:

The Security module comprises a set of building blocks making it as applicable and attainable for everything in between a smaller, manual operation to a larger port authority or container terminal. The module starts with easily, editable forms for your security checks, ISPS compliance controls, a manual gate-registry module with attached transport agreements and intelligent deviation reporting. Last but not least we also provided automated enterprise solutions for gate flow management

Gate Management illustration video

Benefits of cost-efficient, modular solutions are also felt by port and terminals: read more to learn about the implementation of three smart gates for terminal operators Greencarrier as well as the fully software based gate that Grieg Connect will implement for North Sea Terminal. NB: keep in mind the a hefty price tag is no longer the standard for new cloud-based technologies with integrated solutions in place. In other words: more for less!

For more information about Grieg Connects offering for your gate and ISPS management, please dont hesitate to contact energetic and positive sales team represented by Dan & Erik