Norwegian digital technology provider Grieg Connect has joined forces with the ports of OsloTromsø and Bodø in a collaborative endeavour that will revolutionize access to essential information on port infrastructure.

Port calls are still governed today by a surfeit of manual processes and siloed coordination, especially as physical infrastructure information is managed differently by individual ports. This can be frustrating and laborious for port customers and users for whom time is money.

The “Harbor Port GEO Database” digitalisation project aims to remedy this challenge through establishing a common platform that will deliver accurate, up-to-date and coordinated information on everything from port quays and bollards to axle pressure and loading capacity among others. Port data will be visualized using map solutions that are user-friendly and simple to navigate.

The immediate objective is to reduce costs for port customers and users while enhancing safety and security, and promoting knowledge sharing across the sector. Making port calls much more effective for all parties will, in the longer term, also encourage customers to switch to maritime transport – which is by far more sustainable than land-based freight.

Grieg Connect is responsible for developing the solution that will make the data available. This solution follows nicely a portfolio of other seamless software available to the Nordic maritime sector including:

In a co-creative partnership

This is an area where rapid  improvement can be made with effective digitalisation. For us it’s exciting because we get to leverage our expertise as a trusted supplier of enterprise solutions for ports and terminals,” said Erik Aadland, Head of Sales and Marketing.

Using our innovation mindset to design a platform that will add real value for all parties is very rewarding. We’ve been working closely with ports for years so we have a great deal of process knowledge. The collaborative aspect is very important, and good fun too,” he said.

The Norwegian Coastal Administration has provided just over NOK 2m in project funding, while the project participants will contribute the remaining NOK 2m from their own resources. The platform is slated for launch in November 2020 and will be made available to all Norwegian ports.

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