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When will that ship get to port?
Now you´ll know

My development colleagues here at Grieg Connect are a pretty brainy bunch. They like to push the maritime software envelope with solutions that add value by the bucket-load.

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Digitalizing baltic sea ports and terminals

Being a Norwegian expatriate having lived in Finland for more than 12 years, I have many times pondered about the work that I do, how it is connected to my identify and what I would like to be part of contributing to on a larger scale. This spring, when I got the chance to team […]

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MNOK 1,7 in subsidies to port cooperation

Grieg Logistics owned Seamless has together with 7 Norwegian ports received support from The Norwegian Coastal Administration (Kystverket ) of MNOK 1,7 for digitization and automation of data acquisition of cargo documentation. In collaboration with Bergen Port Authority (Bergen og Omland Havnevesen – BOH), we identified 3 specific efficiency projects to reduce manual work and […]

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