In matter of days, Port of North Cape was up and running with their new port management system. The port upgraded its system the autumn of 2020 from an on-premises to a cloud-based solution provided by Grieg Connect.  Grieg Connect has now assisted more than 45 ports with new and modern cloud solutions.

Situated at northern peak of Norway, the Port of North Cape comprises three ports with mixed traffic, from fishery, oil and gas as well as cruise tourism. The port had an older software solution with servers located at the local municipality. They scheduled an upgrade of its port management system for year-end 2020.  The new software chosen is 100% cloud-based and part of the Kraken Tools product suite from Grieg Connect.  Some of the benefits Port of North Cape were looking for:

  • Easy-to-use, modern platform for future port management
  • A port software with easy data-sharing and plug-in to third-party systems
  • Joining a large knowledge sharing community of ports, all with state-of-art technology
  • Access to new functionalities bi-weekly, including updates and safety patches – with no extra cost
  • The market’s safest cloud infrastructure; 100% GDPR compliant
  • Stability and reliability, with a minimum of 99,9% uptime
  • No more local server costs and interruptions due to local downtime
  • Mobile and web access anytime & anywhere

We decided to leave the software solution from the past and take a step into the future – uptime, safety and continuous updates were reasons for this.

– Øyvind Larssen, Port Captain, Port of North Cape


An issue with the old on-premises server accelerated the timetable for the parties. The scope of the upgrade comprised the cloud-based port management system, mobile applications and historic data transfer including storage. An important activity was the integration with maritime single window, but also connecting the ports ERP system for automatic invoicing. Training was given for internal and external users.

“We had allocated one employee for several weeks to ensure we were ready for the new system. We were positively surprised to see the new port system ready just within days. This was a well-executed project by all parties”, Larssen continuous.

“We now have a good experience with cloud journeys, allowing us to cut down the time it takes from the starting point to the port goes live.

We know what we need to do and when, we share the check-lists of info needed from the port, a software team is standby for third party integration and colleagues ready for delivering training and support,”

– Lars Olav Rysstad, Delivery Manager, Grieg Connect

Grieg Connect has now assisted more than 45 ports going live in the cloud over the last 48 months. This has enabled the supplier to streamline the complete process from planning the project, cloud-migration, third party connectivity implementation, internal and external training, client acceptance and close follow-up support.

For information about Grieg Connects Kraken Tools portfolio of cloud-based systems for port, terminals, gate and ISPS management, please contact our always energetic and friendly sales- and marketing team

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