Grieg Logistics owned Seamless has together with 7 Norwegian ports received support from The Norwegian Coastal Administration (Kystverket ) of MNOK 1,7 for digitization and automation of data acquisition of cargo documentation.

In collaboration with Bergen Port Authority (Bergen og Omland Havnevesen – BOH), we identified 3 specific efficiency projects to reduce manual work and costs related to BOH operative port activities. One of the three projects is to secure a more distinct acquisition of data from shipping companies and operators.

Today, reporting and recording of loading and unloading of goods is mostly done manually. This ties up a lot of resources and we meet challenges related to incorrect data registration and double data entry.

– As a leading supplier of software systems to Norwegian ports, and based on the needs of BOH, we initiated on behalf of our port customers to seek subsidiary from Kystverket for collaborative projects that promote port cooperation and competitiveness of sea transport, says Øystein Chr. Løken , CEO Seamless.

Highly increased efficiency

We are pleased that Kystverket recognizes the project which will ensure significant savings for ports and shipping companies in terms of reduced costs and a significantly higher level of efficiency in operations.

– The timing is very good, as we are about to launch our new collaboration platform, Portwin5, now in January, says CEO of Seamless, Øystein Christian Løken. We want to continue the development of Portwin5 in close relation to the seven ports involved in the project, he emphasizes.

The project formally starts in February and aims to deliver 10 «connectors» in 2017.

Seven ports involved

Arendal Havn KF, Bergen og Omland Havnevesen, Brønnøy Havn KF, Grenland Havn IKS, Kristiansand Havn KF, Harstad Havn KF og Hammerfest Havn are in the project at this point. Several additional ports have expressed their interest in the project after the project application deadline.

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