News / 17.5.2022

Grieg Connect invests in Sweden

Norwegian tech company Grieg Connect expands its Nordic presence with a new establishment in Karlstad in Sweden. Onboard are Tord Svanqvist and Johan Nordh, who both have extensive experience working with ports and terminals.

We’ve both co-operated and competed with Tord and Johan before. Were thrilled that we now together will set sail on a journey to create customer value in the Swedish and Nordic market

Vidar Fagerheim CEO

Grieg Connect provides system services for ports, terminals, and maritime logistics suppliers. The newly appointed product manager, Johan Nordh, sees great potential for Grieg Connect’s cloud service software in the Swedish market:

We consider the Swedish market to be very exciting for us and well adapted to our growth ambitions. Ports- and terminals in Sweden are digitising their business processes, increasing efficiency, and optimising the supply chains – this requires cloud solutions and state-of-the-art technology .

Johan Nordh, Chief Product Officer

Grieg Connect is now building a solid presence in Sweden with business consultants, local support, and development:

Connect currently has six employees and an additional six developers from our development partner in Sweden. The team has sold the first installations and can create customer value with in-house business consultants from the start.

Cloud services enable digital collaboration  

The cloud services from Grieg Connect increase efficiency and enable supply chain collaboration:

I’m confident that customers will benefit from moving away from customised installations maintained by consultants. The Grieg concept with a weekly updated cloud-service and a predictable monthly fee is a winning concept

Johan Nordh, Chief Product Officer

New cloud technology also provides increased security without significant investments for each customer, which is another driving force in the market, Nordh emphasises.

The technology also provides greater connectivity and easier integration using open APIs, which enable digital collaboration between all stakeholders in the industry.

Local presence and proximity to customers

Turnover on licenses and number of employees in Grieg Connect has increased by the double the last two years. The expansion to Sweden is therefore coming at a good time.

We believe that closeness and co-operation with the customer are essential for the development of our products in Sweden. Through local presence and a modern cloud service product portfolio, I am confident that we will create great customer value.

Vidar Fagerheim, CEO